Suck My D*ck. Lil Kim’s Feminist Anthem?

Lil Kim creates a masterpiece for the independent woman in the form of ‘Suck My Dick’. Although on the surface this could be perceived as another “vulgar” rap song that objectifies woman, it is in fact made up of feminist lyrics that fight the dominant male ideologies that exist with in our society. In a subversion to traditional stereotypes Lil Kim sexualises and objectifies men in the same fashion that we are used to seeing woman sexualised and objectified in the mainstream media. In a time when the president of the United States and so called ‘Leader of the Free World’ is able to make such statements about women as, “Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” – Donald J. Trump. The lyrics of Lil Kim’s 2000 song becomes increasingly relevant.

Kim’s lyrics viewed through a feminist lens equalises the sexes and empowers women. At the end of the first verse Kim states “I treat y’all n****s like y’all treat us, no doubt, Ay yo, yo, yo, come here so I can bust in ya mouth”,  instantly she takes control within the song  reversing the roles, this not only sexually empowers herself but also through the ‘shock factor’ of a women using such terms highlights the disgusting language that some men use towards women.

The reoccurring hook reinforces this feminist view as she recreates a conversation between her and a male figure, he states “Why you actin’ like a bitch?” . Bitch: 2 informal A spiteful or unpleasant woman. The term ‘Bitch’ is used to undermine woman and degrade them (it stems from the name of a female dog remember), Kim battles this slur simply with “‘Cause y’all n****s ain’t shit, And if I was dude I’d tell y’all to suck my dick”. Now although arguably pulling men down with this statement what she’s actually doing is elevating women, men are often perceived as ‘essential’ to women, that without a man a woman can’t be happy. What Lil Kim does here is tell this man he “ain’t shit” and not essential to her life, she further evens the playing field by using a masculine insult “suck my dick”, Kim is all for the equality and power for women.

She goes on to display her independence and by verse 2 she is asserting her dominance “All I wanna do is get my p***y sucked, Count a million bucks in the back of an armor truck”,  here she subverts a multitude of stereotypes not only is she sexually confident and asserting herself but she states her ambition to be independently wealthy and riding in a ‘masculine’ vehicle that is used for transporting valuables, arguably it is Kim and not the money that the vehicle is protecting as she puts a high value onto her own self.

Time and time again throughout the song Kim elevates herself as woman and demonstrates the power that females posses. Suck My Dick is a fight back at a male dominated society that in the 21st century still allows women to be paid less than their male peers in the same job. Perhaps an ‘unconventional’ approach to feminism however, I believe nonetheless that this song has a strong deeper meaning that can empower women.

– Rosie Vacciana-Browne


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