#GirlPower Dua Lipa New Rules


Dua Lipa is the latest pop princess to bless our air waves. Her newest single ‘New Rules’ has secured the number 1 slot in the charts for the past two weeks and it’s clear to see why. Looking past the catchy beat and the obviously gorgeous Dua Lipa there is something much deeper that has resonated with girls and women up and down the country; heartbreak.


We’ve all been there, the disastrous relation/situationship that you can’t seem to escape from. And it seems as if Dua Lipa has been there too, New Rules is a comforting guidance to being an independent woman once again. In a refreshing turn from the image of women sometimes portrayed in the music industry (you know the music videos of half naked women in the back supporting an elevated male). Dua Lipa’s video instead depicts a diverse group of women supporting each other and maintaining beauty without draping themselves over men or competing with each other.


New Rules and its video are a positive demonstration of girl power in 2017. Well deserving of its number 1, this is an essential song for any ‘get over him’ playlists. Just remember Dua Lipa’s rules and stay strong:

1. Don’t pick up the phone you know he’s only calling cause he’s drunk and alone

Related image

2. Don’t let him in you have to kick him out againYou-Push-Guys-Away.gif

3. Don’t be his friend you’ll only wake up in his bed in the morning and if you’re under him you ain’t getting over him



Rosie x


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