Radar Radio presenter workshop with Snoochie Shy

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Session 1

Today I had the pleasure of going to Radar Radio to take part in the amazing Snoochie Shy’s presenter workshop. For those of you that don’t know about Snoochie Shy or Radar Radio let me give you a quick update. Snoochie Shy is a British presenter who works predominantly in the urban music scene, she currently hosts a breakfast show (Breakfast with Snoochie Shy) on Radar Radio. You can watch her latest hilarious interview with Big Shaq Below.

Radar Radio is a London based online radio station that promotes underground music from different subcultures. Described as the Next Generation of Radio Radar is here for young people and gives back to the community.

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Walking up to the doors of Radar Radio was one of the highlights of my year. After listening and watching shows there it felt surreal to actually enter the mighty doors.


Once in the building all nerves I had were sedated as the positive vibes of Radar ran through me. I was greeted by the lovely Amal and 11 other awesome girls who have the same passions as me.

After our introductions had been done we went upstairs were we met thee Snoochie Shy who took us through her rise from up and coming to full time presenter. We then got a FaceTime talk from Poet who took us through his story. Both were valuable and inspiring, the main message that I took from them was that you can be successful by being YOU. With the right work ethic you can shape your career around your personality and interests to create amazing opportunities.

The Studios

Okay first things first the Radar studios are epic.

Starting upstairs in the daytime studio we got our first taste of the radio life (I think I got lost in the pink LED lights here). We then went down stairs to the soundproofed studios, you may recognise them from the grime sets .

*Side note* the lighting in Radar is amazing.

Downstairs we were greeted with a neon green radar logo at this point it took all the strength in my body to stay focused and not take a selfie. Whilst in these underground studios we were taught by Snoochie and Amal how to work the desk while doing introductions. This is a lot harder than you think, it has that patting your head whilst rubbing your stomach element, but it’s much more enjoyable.

The Chicken

After perfecting our intros we went up to devour a Nandos curtesy of Radar. There were legs, wings, chips, rice, I was literally lost in the peri peri sauce. This wrapped up the end of our amazing session, but there was no need to be in our feelings as tis’ not the end – there are 2 more sessions left!

All in all it was a great day with wonderful people and I would like to thank Snoochie Shy, Amal and Radar Radio for the opportunity.

Lock in to Radar Radio here!



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