Set yourself free

*Disclaimer I am not Mother Theresa and I do not have all the answers, this is just some advice based on my own experiences.*

I’d rather be alone than be with someone that doesn’t make me happy – Michelle Vacciana

Michelle Vacciana is my mother, and that quote above is something she has repeatedly told me growing up. Unfortunately, it has almost always fallen on deaf ears. But, it is true what they say, mothers do know best; the notion of living in isolation as oppose to discomfort is something that I have grown to accept.

This is not necessarily aimed at romantic relationships, any type of relationship that isn’t benefiting you or helping you to grow needs to be cut. Unsupportive, negative and mean people should have no place in our lives. Obviously, I am talking from experience and this is easier said than done. But think, “is the way I am feeling worth it? Are they worth it?”.

People are creatures of habit, if you’ve been in the same relationship or friendship even career for a while you may of tricked yourself into thinking that those outside entities some how make up who you are. This is not true. Time and routine have no relevance, if a situation or person is no longer making you happy you don’t have to imprison yourself in their bad energy. You can and must leave to progress and elevate.

I feel as if every time I’ve broken up with someone I’ve felt I’ll never find someone else like them and yet the next person I meet is always better than the last. Every time I fall out with friends I feel as if no one likes me and I have no one, and yet I always end up realising that there are other and better people out there and situations are usually resolved.

My ultimate message from this blog post is to not be afraid to cut connections, if something strikes you as wrong and you feel uncomfortable don’t extend your upset. Move on, because you’d rather be alone than unhappy, right?


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