“You’re too nice”

youre too nice

It seems that in an age of technology where a lot of interactions happen through glass screens online we have become detached from each other and our emotions.

Everyone’s trying to present the best version of themselves, “stunting for the gram” if you will. Boys want to have the best whip, biggest bottles and multiple Instagram bad b*tches. Girls want to be that Instagram bad b*tch with the smallest waist, biggest lips and longest weave. Relationships are seemingly now dependent on whether you’re “goals” and aesthetically attractive together. But where has the romance gone? Are we building real-life connections or simply sliding into the dms and swiping left and right through a catalogue of people.

I have been told by multiple people that I am “too nice” when it comes to romantic relationships. But, is there such thing or are we all simply becoming desensitised to each other. People are highly disposable in this day and age, you can literally go online and find someone else instantly. The slightest argument can merit blocking and boom that persons out of your life, there is a lack of responsibility in some respects.

Scrolling through my feed I see many light skin girls that look like me and many of them are far more attractive. Lack of conversation means that we are all taking people in at their face value. When really as humans we are much more complex than that. We must stop comparing ourselves to the cookie cutter Instagram bad gal/man. We hold so much more worth than that.

It is important that we don’t get too caught up in social media. I love being online as much as everyone else does but don’t jeopardise your own happiness to stunt. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Value yourself and others for what they are, human beings not online emotionless avatars.


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