A green beauty routine

From Greta Thunberg challenging our world leaders to Extinction Rebellion causing chaos in the UK capital, climate change has become a permanent fixture in the media.

As many a millennial, it’s a topic that has steeped me in fear. The polar bears are dying, sea levels are rising and I still can’t find a way to stop using single use plastic. The self flagellation in acted after purchasing, yet another Costa Coffee, and mercilessly chucking the plastic lid in a public bin has become too much for me.

So, I embarked on a quest: to save the planet, protect the animals and most importantly…clear my conscience, reaching my ultimate goal of becoming a ‘Green Queen👑.

Whilst urgent action is still needed from the big corporations and governments of the world there are still little changes us wee consumers can make. I have complied my findings from my focus group of 1, to help those like myself looking for green alternatives.


I began with a ‘Nuud‘ look at deodorant. Nuud is a cream that you apply 3-5 times a week and is an ‘innocent deodorant’; which its makers define as being as harmless as possible to your body and the environment. Here comes the science bit: Using micro-silver instead of aluminium, Nuud combats the bacteria on your skin that creates odour instead of stopping you from sweating, allowing your body to release toxins via your pits. It’s vegan, in a recyclable tube, has biodegradable FSC cardboard packaging and its shipment is CO2 neutral, phew!

But, the course to love never did run smooth. After months of using Nuud what I will say is it requires some patience. *In the initial switch I found myself sweating much more than usual and my body took a couple of weeks to adjust. Nuud call this transition the ‘Detox’ and they created a nifty video with some tips on getting past it.

*It is important to note that everyone’s bodies are different and just because I was a sweating mess does not mean you will be.

Nuud retails at £12.95 and contains enough product for 6 weeks on average. 

My next step was to create a green skin routine. I began with using Carbon Theory‘s Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil bar soap, now this is a product I personally like as it has natural ingredients and is formulated to clear blemishes. However, Lush and other ethical companies have a variety of bar soaps for you to explore and try-out.

The reason behind my swapping from mainstream face washes to bar soaps is of course PLASTIC. Grrrr, single use plastic has reared it’s ugly head once-again, it’s in your bathroom and on your dressing tables. Opting for paper wrapped, cardboard or even naked bar soaps are better for the environment and easy on my millennial conscience. Oh, and it’s made in the UK so less carbon emissions were used in getting it to your door too!

Carbon Theory’s Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil Soap retails at £6


HY-DRA-TION is the key to good skin both inside and out. And as somebody with afro-hair my locks require as much moisture as my skin. However, I found that most of my former hair products were made overseas and included ingredients that looked liked they belonged in a chemistry lab more than a hair cream.

ENTER SUNU KER, inspired by African beauty practices, this Nottingham based brand is 100% vegan and 100% natural. The line smells absolutely gorgeous and includes both skin and hair products. My favourite item has to be the Shea ‘N’ Avocado Whipped Hair & Body Butter. It lives up to its name and fulfils my greatest fantasies of drowning my body head to toe in Avocado. Having one product for both body and hair is easier on the pocket and supports my lazy student lifestyle. Get shoppin’ duck!

Sunu Ker is made to suit a variety of skin and hair types and products retail from £3-£8



Yes, periods have a carbon footprint. If it’s not bad enough that as women we suffer from cramps, spots, irritability and a host of other troubles linked to our time of the month we can now add environmental damage to the list. I am slightly resentful that sanitary products have been dragged in to the fight to save the planet, as they are hardly optional. But, as a western woman with options I decided to do my bit and invest in an eco-friendly sanitary product.

TOTM (Time Of The Month), is a sanitary brand that focuses on producing biodegradable and 100% cotton products. Their pads and tampons aren’t fragranced and do not contain wood pulp or chlorine bleach. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve been living under a rock but who knew wood pulp and chlorine bleach were on sanitary wear! I’m not a gynaecologist or a scientist but, there’s something about the equation wood + chlorine + vaginas that = very wrong to me!

I have found these pads very comfortable and definitely feel the difference in comparison to the bog standard pads. But, it will cost you. A pack of 9, medium pads will put you back £3.30. And as most women know, 9 pads won’t get you very far.





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