Don’t be a part of the salty society this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here! Some are having the time of their lives with their significant other. Some are going about their day to day business outside of cupids cloud. And some, some have purchased a premium membership to the salty society.

As a former member of said society I am here to tell you to get a grip and revoke the membership. Valentine’s Day appears to be one of the only western holidays that is bound to its origins. Each year millions of atheists, agnostics and non-practising Christians celebrate Christmas. Why? Because it’s a holiday about giving to those that we care about (…and because capitalism tells us too).

Equally many people drown themselves in chocolate and bunny attire every Easter without giving Jesus a second thought. Why? Because it’s a holiday about family, chocolate and new beginnings (…and because capitalism tells us too).

So, what is it about this Christian holiday that makes you salty? Essentially Valentine’s Day is a celebration of unconditional and undying love. It’s origins lie in ancient Rome when Saint Valentine was put to death after marrying couples in secret following the outlawing of marriage.

Since we’ve strayed from the origins of so many holidays, what stops us from breaking out of the tradition of this couples holiday? The truth is people are salty because they are single. FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and only magnified by the bombardment of images on social media. But, romantic love is not the only love on the market. Valentine’s Day is for the mama’s, papa’s, pet’s, bezzie mates and even YOU! Enjoy the festivities and partake in the wash of love, don’t let happy couples and love heart candy trigger you. The evil eye is never a good luck and everyone will have their time.

Enjoy your day, let others enjoy theirs and keep it sweet x

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